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PEC Compliance specializes in providing air permitting and air environmental consulting and compliance for the Oil and Gas industry. Concentrating primarily in Texas and New Mexico, PEC Compliance offers Quad O compliance including Fugitive Gas Leak Detection utilizing state of the art infrared technology to quickly and accurately detect VOC and greenhouse gas leaks.

This technology will also satisfy the new requirements set for the the Bureau of Land Management's regulations requiring biannual LDAR inspections. Having worked closely with the TCEQ and New Mexico AQB as well as the EPA, PEC Compliance brings many years of valuable experience to ensure companies are compliant. Other areas of expertise include Quad O and Quad J compliance, Greenhouse gas reporting, as well as TRI Reporting.


About us

The West Texas region is blessed with an abundance of natural resources; home to everything from oil and gas, to wind, to solar. Energy production continues to grow across the Permian Basin and beyond, even in the face of price declines and a tightening regulatory climate. The state of Texas has been and will continue to be, a leader in energy production. We lead the nation in crude oil reserves and production. The West Texas Intermediate crude oil also serves as a benchmark for pricing oil in North America.
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Located in West Texas and specializing in Oil & Gas Air Compliance, Price Energy provides Environmental Consulting and Air Permitting to all industries across the United States.


With over 25 years of experience in the Environmental Compliance field, we can help you stay compliant within the ever-changing landscape of Environmental Law.


Price Energy Consultants offers the experience and knowledge you require when it comes to Leak Detection and Measurement in the Oil and Gas Industry. We offer Quad Oa (OOOOa), Quad O, Methane Detection, Fugitive Emissions Testing utilizing state of the art infrared technology as part of our Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) program to keep your company in compliance with federal and state regulations.


The Air Permitting process has become significantly more complex over the past 20 years. Price Energy Consulting specializes in air permitting and air compliance consulting for the Oil and Gas Industry. We can work with you to develop a compliance strategy and obtain the permits you need to help you comply with the rules set by the federal government (EPA), or state regulating agencies (TCEQ in Texas, New Mexico Environment Dept (Air Quality Bureau) in New Mexico).
PEC Compliance specializes in providing air permitting and air environmental consulting and compliance for the Oil and Gas industry.

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